Friday, March 23, 2007

An Open Letter to Big Mama

This originally began as a simple comment on Big Mama's blog entry regarding her trip to watch A&M play last night, but as it grew in length I felt it was better suited for posting! I am sure she won't mind the extra visitors to her site because of it!!

Dear Big Mama,

First, I want to be upfront and let you know that I not an Aggies fan (Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner) and I am not particularly a fan of watching basketball on tv (I was the trainer for our college basketball teams and being on courtside is the only way to go.) and last night it wouldn't have mattered who was playing, I had an errand to run without kids and still get in home in time for Grey's.

In case you were wondering what urgent errand I had to run, well, really the original errand was insignificant unless you factor in that Staples just happens to be the next door neighbor to Payless and a street neighbor to Target. Did I mention I was without my kids? Please know the significant influence you have on women around the world and let me tell you that I have not stopped thinking about the possibility of a new pair of shoes (which I don't really need) since you posted about it. **If I knew how, here is where I would do that cute thing where people can just click on the word "shoes" and go directly to your story about them on your site.** Last night thanks to you (and I really mean that), I am now the proud owner of 2 pairs of really cute shoes for the season- 1 being a funky wedge with cool animal print/$9 and the other 1 being a sweet pair of silver-toned espies (I can't spell the real word!) with fun satin ties!/$9.98! I would have seriously come home with a third for $9 but my feet were not quite big enough-geuss I should have another baby!

Back home, I was running late and really had too much to do and then walked in to find my husband intensely watching a basketball game. Initially, this had no meaning to me and honestly I was rathered frustrated that I was missing McDreamy for some st*p*d bb game. He leaves the room momentarily, quickly returning to request the last remaining minutes since "it is A&M and all". My husband only regrets not going there and has already begun the brainwashing procedures involving my young, impreshionable, almost 3 year old son. "Mom, I want my Aggie shots"-pronounced "shorts" without the "r". I mean really, what respectable Sooner would allow this hypocrisy in her home-there is work to do!

Back to the game. As I am rolling my eyes and mumbling that word again, I seriously had a lightbulb moment. Me (in my head)- "Hey, Big Mama and her sister are at that game. I wonder what she decided to wear and if I could see her on tv?" Then post-loss as I am surfing quickly to catch the last 1/2 of Grey's, I had a brief moment of silence for your sadness and knew that I wouldn't have to wait long to hear of the event personally and first hand.

You didn't disappoint and I thank you for sharing your life with all the people that anxiously await your daily musings. And I have to wonder... do you smile just a little more knowing you are influencing the shoe-buying trends around the world AND at the same time people are thinking about you in reference to seemingly random occurances in their life?!

With my deepest affection (for a person I don't even really know!),

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