Monday, September 20, 2010

A tough job with overflowing rewards

So, my friend Melissa has this really great site that inspires women in their walk with God.

In fact, almost a year ago she started Godly Gals as a way to offer real women the opportunity to share their real lives. 

It is always interesting to watch what can happen when we start peeling away the layers.  As women, we don't do it enough.  We often make nice and pretend that we have our act completely together.  You know it's true!  Don't let Satan deceive you!!

She offered the opportunity to me, but I stayed under the radar for awhile.

You can read why for yourself.


If you are a mother, I KNOW you will relate!  We forget that motherhood IS a ministry!  Ladies, never let Satan steal the joy of this journey from you and PLEASE remind each other with encouragement that we are not in this alone.

I had to swallow my bravery pill before sharing this.  It isn't meant to be a "look at me and the great thing I did" moment.  My real purpose is to encourage many of you to step out and do the same.  Take the plunge and offer yourself up as a "real" woman!  :)  And besides, many of you are MUCH better writers than I am!!


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Cindy said...

Loved that, Stacey. Thank you for being so open and honest.

Btw, I was needing to get in touch with you (I have a question) but couldn't find your email or a way to contact you through the blog. Do you mind contacting me through my blog?