Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Snap! Crackle! Pop! 2010

A local church hosts the city's fireworks show every year.  Several members of our church, including our preacher, live in the neighborhood adjoining the church parking lot where they shoot the fireworks.  A cookout before the show seemed like a pretty logical choice!

My trio supervising our preacher's grillin' skills!

L hanging with the preacher man.

Daddy and B.

I prefer the natural, not everyone looking at the camera shot!  ;)

Or the silly faces of L shot!  But hey, at least I am actually IN the picture!  :)

I have a confession.
I am a picture cropper.
Don't hate me.



The story is that I worked really hard to make sure we had the family look this year.  I was lamenting that we never took family pics.  Apparently, that plea meant taking an extended "family" shot!  If you look close enough (or maybe you don't actually have to look that close to tell!!), you can see that I am talking behind my teeth.  Something along the lines of "why is she in our family picture?"  Something like that.  You can tell that A is pretty confused by her being in the pic as well!  My husband and MIL both brushed it off and said we could just take more pics later. Of course we can!  Cause we know that always works out!  The sweet extra child was part of the missionary family that was visiting from the Ukraine and she had attached herself to A that weekend.  And no, we didn't take more pictures later, so I had to do a little editing.  Sorry! 

He must see food!

B and Papa

My special girl!



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Kimmy said...

Awesome pictures~I LOVE the coordinated clothes! Did you make yours and A's dresses? They are awesome!