Wednesday, July 28, 2010

June 2010

This is one of the fun things I get to watch most mornings...B anxious to go wake up the kids!  In our rental house, the kids have had to share a room.  Can you imagine how excited they are since that is all coming to an end soon!

Some fun at breakfast!

He is all about sharing his food these days.

Although the big kids swim almost every day in the summer, they can't get enough so the sprinklers came out one evening.  This was B's first sprinkler experience.  Of course, he is ALWAYS excited to do what the big kids are doing!

Laundry duty!

One of new tricks in June was start climbing up onto his "stage"!  I think he misses his stairs from the old house.  I don't!!

Ta Da!

Sister turned him into a super hero one day!

I can never get enough of feet pictures!

Good morning!!

I have my first full-on pacifier baby (more on that later!) and it is stressing me out.

Look at those cute chompers!  Still only four teeth, but a few more will emerge next month!

L got a Wii-like game for his birthday, so B is helping him out here.

We got a great deal on mirrors for our new house at Hobby Lobby and have had to store them in our bedroom the past few months.  You can imagine the enjoyment B got from those mirrors!

He is sneaking up on me and thinks it is so funny!

He discovered his love of other people's shoes this month.  I love this age!!

Notice where he is standing?  He knows exactly what putting on shoes means....going outside!

See the trail of mess in the kitchen?  That is his trail every day...many times a day!  He loves his drawer with his cups and straws and he also loves my pans.  I would love to know what is going on in his head.  He does this all the time.  Gets out the pans and stands on them like he is going to skate or surf!  He is so determined every time!

A fun day meeting friends at Chic-Fi-La! 


The day after L's birthday party was B's balloons!!  And shoes, of course!

And my monthly round-up would not be complete without some self-portraits from my kids!

L must have wanted everyone to see the guitar he got for his birthday!  He is taking lessons in hopes of attaining his rock star status!

The kids made these fun trays for Daddy for Father's Day!  Thanks to my friend, Kelli, for letting me know about this project.  Melting records in the oven to make bowls!

Happy Father's Day!


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