Monday, October 26, 2009


Hi Everyone!

It's that time again! I am making lots of changes and turning 5 months old last week was just one those changes!

At my 4-month check-up, I had grown to 25.5 inches long and weighed 15.5 pounds. Mommy likes that I am getting rolls on my legs and round cheeks!

We have stayed close to home this past month. I did make it to two family reunions and a trip to Longview one day when the big kids were out of school. That's good because I hear things get crazy as we kick off fall with Halloween next weekend. The rumor is that I am dressing up as the same baby dragon that L wore when he was 4 months old. Wonder if I can chew dragon toes?

I have decided that I no longer wish to be a by-stander to all the action around here, so I am creating some action of my own. Check this out.....


* like to play with my toes.
* can lay on my tummy, lean on one arm, and reach for a toy.
* have gone from sitting with someone supporting me to sitting with my own hands holding me up to NOW sitting while reaching and playing with toys at the same time.
*I just started playing while sitting in the last week! Sometimes I forget not to tumble over, but if I am not too busy playing then I remember to change my balance.
* love love love when someone sings me songs, especially with hand motions.
* will squeal your ears off.
* search for familiar voices and greet faces with a big grin.
* find someone that is calling my name.
* reach for my pacifier and put it in my mouth myself. Sometimes, I bump my nose on the first few tries, but always make it eventually!
* love to grab your face and try to give you slobbery kisses.
* can scoot and pivot all over on my tummy.
* am getting up on my hands and knees AND rocking while up there. Sometimes, I will lunge for what I want.
* making choices between two things that both seem good like pacifier or toy. Sometimes, I like to choose based on color, but other times I just want my pacifier!
* spent the afternoon with my new baby buddy O and his mommy while Mommy did Girl Scouts with A. He is new so I decided not to teach him to wrestle yet.
* can drown you or my bib in 30 seconds or under because I like to drool. A LOT!
* am making lots of new sounds and noises, including blowing raspberries which is my favorite way to share my slobber!
* have finally convinced Mommy to let me try some of their food. I worked my guilty eyes on her real hard and she caved! She has let me try bananas and avocados with my mesh bag holder and has also let me eat carrots and bananas with a spoon. I like trying to hold my mesh bag handle myself so I can really get my gums into it!
* am about to outgrow my baby bassinet! I can look at you with my nose on the top edge and like to roll around when I wake up.

Mommy told me to stop growing so fast, but it is very exciting for me!

Enjoy the pictures!



Or that?

Or you?

I won't tip over, I won't tip over.

If I hold my legs real tight, I might reach my toy without falling.

Mmmmm, banana!

Revvving up my motor!

Cooling off in the car after brother's football game.

Mommy's favorites....toes and leg rolls.

I think something is stuck back there.

Hey, is anybody listening to me?!

You, maybe?



Kimmy said...

Wow, Brax. You can do a lot of things and you're so adorable!

kel said...


Someone Being Me said...

Awww....he is growing up so fast. He is just getting cuter every day.